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Proposed sale of Crown land by direct negotiation in Bodangora

The Department of Planning and Environment, Crown Lands & Public Spaces is seeking community feedback on the proposed sale of Crown land located at 258 Dick Street Bodangora NSW 2820.

Crown Lands is considering the proposed sale of 4695.6 m2 of Crown land identified as Lots 1-4 & 6 Section 7 in Deposited Plan 758124 by direct negotiation to the licence holder, William Keith Andrews.  A sale by direct negotiation means that the department will negotiate exclusively with the licence holder for the sale of the land as opposed to offering the land for sale through a public competitive process. 

This land is currently reserved for future public requirements, however the department has assessed that it has no functional community use outside of its current licence purpose. A proposed sale by direct negotiation with the licence holder is being considered as the best use for the land as the land. The licence holder has leased and occupied this land since 1986. 

Have Your Say

Please quote reference number 643422 in the subject of any submission to ensure the department can direct your submission to the right place for consideration.

If you are sending a submission via post please allow enough time for it to be received before the closing time and date.

Feedback on this proposal can be provided by:

  • Completing the online submission form
  • Mail to: Project Lead, Bodangora Project, Department of Planning and Environment, PO Box 2155, Dangar NSW 2309

Closing date

Submissions close at midnight Sunday 17 December 2023.

Important: note that all submissions will be published on the department’s website unless marked as confidential.

Community Engagement Strategy

Engagement on this proposed transfer is a requirement of the Community Engagement Strategy. The Strategy has been developed by the Department of Planning and Environment to set an open and transparent framework for engaging the community about important decisions on Crown land. The Strategy acknowledges that needs vary between communities, and that a range of engagement approaches may be required to ensure community views are understood before important decisions are made.

Learn more about the Community Engagement Strategy.

Next steps from here

All community feedback is valued by the department. Your feedback will be considered in making a decision about this proposed sale.

The final decision will be published here and on What’s happening in my area.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Crown land proposed for sale located?

The Crown land is identified as Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 Section 7 in Deposited Plan 758124 and known as 258 Dick Street Bodangora NSW 2820. The Crown land is a combination of multiple lots approximately 4695.6 m2 in size.

What is the Crown land currently used for?

The land currently forms part of a Crown Reserve for future public requirements however, the land has been used for grazing, leased and managed by the licence holder since 1986.   

Why is the department proposing to sell this land?

The department was approached by the licence holder in 2007 with a proposal to purchase the land and consolidate the leased lands surrounding the licence holder’s freehold property. In 2012, the Department supported and approved this sale proposal, however, was unable to transact the sale at the time. The Department has reviewed the proposal to purchase the land and remain supportive of the proposal. 

The land is not suitable to contribute to the current Government housing policy. 

What will happen to the current reserve for future public requirements if the sale proceeds?

If the proposed sale proceeds, the reserve will be revoked via a notice in the NSW Government Gazette 

How will the land be sold?

A proposed sale by direct negotiation with the licence holder is being considered as the best use for the Crown land given its tenure history, current use and size. 

The sale of the Crown land, if approved, will be carried out in accordance with the Sale or Lease of Crown Land by Direct Negotiations Policy IND-O-182 V6.1 and the Sale of Crown Land Policy IND-O-2 51 V3.0.

How is the value of the land determined?

Crown land must be sold at the current market value determined by an approved valuer and certified by the department’s valuation services team.

When will the department make a decision?

A decision will be made after the 28-day consultation period is completed and the department has reviewed all comments and feedback provided by the community in accordance with the procedures of the Community Engagement Strategy

There is no guarantee the proposed sale will progress until the findings of the Community Engagement Strategy have been reviewed and approved by the department.

How will the department consult with the community?

The notification period for this proposed dealing is 28 days commencing from Monday 20th November 2023 and closing at midnight Sunday 17th December 2023.  You can view the notification on the department’s website. 

The department encourages public submissions during this time. 

How can I make a submission?

Community members can make a submission by completing the online form.

You can also send a submission form via Australia Post to the Department of Planning and Environment, Crown Lands & Public Spaces at PO Box 2155, Dangar NSW 2309.

Please ensure to include the reference number 643422 in your submission and whether your submission is confidential. 

How will the department consider feedback and submissions in the decision-making process?

The department will review and evaluate all feedback received during the 28-day notification period with an emphasis on the importance that the land has and how it is currently used by the local community. 

If the community raises issues that were unknown to the department, we may need to engage further prior to making a final decision. The community’s views are important and will contribute to the final decision on the use of Crown land.

More information is available from the website on the Purchase Crown Land and the Community Engagement Strategy.

How will the community find out about the decision?

The final outcomes and decision of the proposed sale will be published on the department’s webpage once a final decision is made. 

All submitters will be informed of the decision once it has been made.