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Public works access

In circumstances where local councils and suppliers of essential utility services have specific permissions around accessing and entering Crown land for public works, such as electricity and water supply, and sewerage and stormwater drainage works, they are authorised to enter onto Crown land.

Councils, electricity and telecommunication suppliers

This statutory power provides authorised officers with special permission to access Crown land to carry out works. This is called powers of entry, which allows specific work to be conducted on Crown land without needing to meet the usual requirements, such as creating an easement or entering into a licence agreement.

Councils should refer to the Local Government Act 1993 for details on the types of work they are authorised to carry out or contact us for advice.

Similarly, other government agencies and statutory authorities responsible for delivering essential utility services may have similar powers to enter Crown land as specified in their enabling legislation.

Authorities that exercise powers of entry should be mindful of Indigenous rights that apply to Crown land.

All entry and subsequent works still require approval and completion of the statutory process so that the work is lawful.

Contact us to find out more about the powers of entry for public works or formalising access arrangements through a license or easement.