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Revocation of an existing domestic waterfront tenure and issue of a new licence online application

Before you apply

  1. Use this form to request a new domestic waterfront licence where the land has changed ownership, the licence holder is deceased or where the licence conditions do not permit an automatic transfer.
  2. Prepare the documents you will need to complete this application.

Supporting documentation

  • A Crown land Revocation of existing Domestic Waterfront Tenure and issue new Licence - Current Licence holder/s consent form (PDF, 72 KB) signed by all existing licence holders and executors (where the licence holder is deceased) is required when the future licence holder is submitting this application.
  • Photographs showing the current structures and area below the mean high-water mark. The photos should be recent and taken so as to show the whole frontage and all structures presumed to be on public land. They should be taken at high tide and at low tide, and from offshore—if practicable—facing the property and similarly from onshore facing the water. If a boatshed forms part of the occupation, several photos of the interior are also required.
  • A copy of a recent identification survey that is no older than two years, prepared by a registered surveyor. The survey plan must plot to scale and detail the dimensions and the type of all existing structures, including any reclaimed area and any free-standing piles below the mean high-water mark. The survey is to specifically show the position of the deed mean high water mark in relation to the registered deposited plan boundaries. Please include the calculated areas for each structure / area below the mean high-water mark.
  • A copy of the will, death certificate and probate or letters of administration where the licence holder is deceased
  • A recent ASIC search if applying as a company
  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation if applying as an Incorporated Association
  • Evidence of authority to act, if applicable

Next steps

You will be invoiced for the application fee once your application is accepted. There may be additional fees charged in the assessment process.

Important information about this form

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  • The fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory and must be completed in order to submit the form.
  • After you have submitted your form, a copy of the application can be emailed to the address entered in the form or a copy can be saved or printed.