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Forest Permits (Apiary Sites) on Crown lands

Beekeeping and apiary activities on Crown land may be permissible on suitable parcels of Crown land under a Forest Permit for Apiary Site(s), administered by the Department of Primary Industry (‘DPI’) on behalf of the Forestry Corporation of NSW (‘Forestry Corp.’). Forest permits are granted under the Forestry Act 2012.

Where the activities are to be carried out on Crown land, the approval of the Minister must be sought via an application to the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure – Crown Lands for Minister’s Approval to Lodge Forest Permit (Apiary Site) Application.

There is no requirement for an additional licence or permit under the Crown Land Management Act 2016.

For further information on obtaining a Forest Permit (Apiary Sites), as well as any applicable fees or processes relating to the application, please visit the DPI webpage for beekeeping on public land.

Apply for Minister’s Approval to Lodge Forest Permit

Individual applicants must be over the age of 18 and hold a valid Beekeeper Registration.

Where the applicant is a company, the applicant must be submitted by a director of the company.

Note that Crown Lands will not provide Minister’s Approval to a company that does not have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Assessment of application

Criteria considered by the department when assessing the application includes:

  • Ensuring the parcel applied for is Crown land
  • The parcel is not vested to another Government agency, such as NPWS and Local Lands Services
  • The purpose of any reserve or lease is compatible with apiary activities
  • Where applicable, approval is given by the reserve land manager
  • Where applicable, approval is given by the Western Lands Lessee
  • There is lawful access to the parcel by public or crown roads
  • The apiary activities will not impede the enjoyment of crown land by the public
  • The apiary activities will not impede use of bushfire infrastructure or present a hazard to firefighting activities

What you need to apply

  • completed Minister’s Approval to Forest Permit (Apiary Site) application. Applicants must complete all parts of the form accurately and in full
  • A valid Beekeeping Registration Number
  • (Where the applicant is a company) a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Location map showing the area of land that is the subject of this application
  • Map showing proposed access route to the area of land subject to this application
  • Site plans and layout

You can generate a free location map using SIX Maps.

View maps, identify Crown land, and see where current reserves, leases and licences exist over Crown land at ePlanning Spatial Viewer.

Processing activities may include (but are not limited to) site and land status investigation, seeking approval from any Reserve land managers or holders of a Crown lands lease, notification to claimants under the Commonwealth Native Title Act 1993 consultation with other government agencies such as NPWS and Local Lands Services where there is a known interest in the land, and consultation with internal stakeholders including Natural Resources and District.

If granted, approval is valid for 12 months from the date of the letter supplied showing Minister’s Approval has been granted. It will expire if an application for the Forest Permit is not made within that timeframe.

Apply online

For more information

To make a general enquiry about beekeeping activities, email [email protected]