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Repair Crown roads after a natural disaster

We encourage local councils to use NSW Government funding to repair damage to Crown roads after natural disasters.


We encourage local councils to use NSW Government funding to repair damage to Crown roads after natural disasters.

There are 2 NSW disaster guidelines as well as general information on the support available and how to access it:

This funding is specific to repairs required due to damage during natural disasters and will ensure that Crown roads which are used by the community to access private residences are repaired as soon as possible.

What is Crown Lands’ role?

While we cannot access the funding ourselves, we want to help councils get access to funding under the Guidelines. We support councils by simplifying Crown Lands processes for any works needed.

Information for councils

  • The Guidelines help councils access funding after a natural disaster, to maintain safety and community access for Crown roads in their Local Government Area (LGA.
  • If a Disaster Declaration is made by the NSW Government, an Australian Government Reference Number (AGRN) lists the LGAs it applies to. For those LGAs, funding is available to repair damaged Crown roads used by the community.
  • To access the funding, councils will need to work with their regional administering agency.  Please contact Transport for NSW and/or Public Works Advisory as soon as possible to provide notification of the scope of emergency works. There is further information in the Guidelines.

Consent for emergency works

General consent under the Roads Act 1993 is provided on the basis that works will be done in Crown road corridors to treat, conserve and restore pre-existing conditions to a level that reinstates access.

As part of this consent, the location and details of works are to be provided in writing to Crown Lands when completed.

Any works to structures are not included in the blanket approval and will to need to be applied for by the standard Crown Lands approval process.

Information for residents

  • If your LGA is affected by a recent natural disaster and you no longer have safe access to your home or property, please contact your local council to request assistance.
  • You will need to provide appropriate details to your council to help them easily identify and investigate the issue, including:
    • road name / location
    • the extent of damage
    • details and the date of the natural disaster
    • supporting evidence such as photos

Additional information

Resourcing implications

Under the Guidelines, local councils are responsible for arranging quotes, engaging contractors, and preparing funding claims. If councils don’t have the resources to do the emergency works, they should contact Transport for NSW and Public Works Advisory.

Resource sharing may be available at the Office of Local Government’s Local Government Emergency Recovery Support Group:

Responsibility for maintenance after emergency works

Ongoing responsibility and maintenance of repairs made to Crown roads remains as per existing agreements with Crown Lands. The emergency arrangement does not alter any existing agreement.

Ongoing responsibilities will not devolve to councils because of works done due to a natural disaster. If the Crown road was eligible for transfer prior to the disaster repair works, it may still be eligible for transfer at a future date. This will need to be discussed with Crown land.