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Release an easement online application

Before you apply

  1. This application must be submitted by the applicant(s) or a person authorised to submit on their behalf.
  2. Prepare the supporting documents you may have to support your online application form.

Supporting documentation

  • A detailed site plan, diagram or survey showing the location of the easement.
  • A current ASIC company search showing all the directors
  • A certificate of incorporation and minutes showing elected officer bearers
  • Evidence of affected/benefitted stakeholders consent where applicable
  • Evidence of authority to act where applicable
  • Certified copy of registered power of attorney where applicable

Application fee

  • You will be invoiced for the application fee once your application is accepted.  There may be additional fees charged in the assessment process.

Important information about this form

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  • After you have submitted your form, a copy of the application can be emailed to the address entered in the form or a copy can be saved or printed.

Release an easement application

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Organisations with powers of acquisition under their enabling acts should consider in the first instance the creation of easements by compulsory acquisition in accordance with theLand Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991. Examples of easement requests that should be directed via the compulsory acquisition process are all easements: 
  • For electricity services.
    • Network providers under the Electricity Supply Act 1995 have the power to acquire easements for electricity over Crown land. Companies and individuals should make application to the network provider to acquire the easement on their behalf by compulsory means. It is the responsibility of the network provider to lodge an application to compulsorily acquire the easement with Crown Lands. The department will only consider creating electricity easements by agreement in a limited number of situations where justified by a business case.
  • Required by local councils. 
  • Required by statutory authorities and prescribed corporations with powers of acquisition provided in their enabling acts, for example state water corporations and NSW Health Administration
  • Further information about compulsory acquisition of Crown land can be accessed via the Crown Land website - Compulsory Acquisition

Where an easement for private benefit is requested, the Department will consider the impact on public use of the land, public access, future use of the land, value of the land and indigenous interests in the land such as Native Title rights. Easements for private purposes that are not in the public interest will not be considered.

E.g. Is the easement associated with a development that will create jobs, economic growth, or result in an improvement in public access etc?

Interests in the land

Select all existing holdings.

Select all existing interests in this site.

Land particulars

Particulars of Crown land affected by the easement (e.g. the Crown Land)

Supporting documentation is required
You will be required to upload evidence of consultation with affected landholders at the end of this application.

Particulars of Crown land had benefitted by the easement (e.g. your land)

Supporting documentation is required
You will be required to upload evidence of consultation with benefitting landholders at the end of this application.

Applicant details

Authorised representative details

Applicant contact details

Applicant contact details

Supporting documentation