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Waiver a Ministerial consent to transfer a Western Lands Lease

Before you apply

  • This application must be submitted by the Solicitor or Conveyancer representing the leaseholder to obtain a Waiver of the Ministers Consent to Transfer a Western Lands Lease.
  • Prepare the documents you may have to support your online application form.

Supporting documentation

Application fee

You will be invoiced for the fee once your application is checked and accepted.

Important information about this form

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Waiver of the requirement for Ministerial Consent to transfer a Western Lands Lease

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Western Lands Lease details

Select one option to identify your lease, this information can be found on your last notice.

e.g. residence, grazing, business

Your application cannot be processed

Your application cannot be processed until the outstanding debt is paid.  

Please contact us on 1300 886 235 to discuss payment options.

Second Schedule Details

Supporting documentation required
You will be required to upload details of any other third party interest relating to the land at the end of this application.

Rainfall and seasonal conditions 


Note: Numbers to be provided are from station count

Specify breed (i.e. Merino or Dorpers)

Specify breed (i.e. Merino or Dorpers)

Prescribed or Notifiable Weeds

Supporting documentation required
You will be required to upload details of the weed management plan at the end of this application.

Include any problems you may be experiencing with regards to repairs or replacement.
Investigation of those applications involving the transfer of a rural leases will generally involve a physical inspection of the property. A Crown Lands field officer will assess the lessee’s compliance with lease conditions. 

These conditions include, but are not limited to, maintenance of boundary fencing, weed and feral animal control and compliance with any cultivation consents issued over the land. If during the inspection, a breach of conditions is identified, the department may choose to either:
Refuse to grant the waiver and the lessee will be required to follow the standard consent-to-transfer process
Withhold the waiver pending certain specified works being undertaken. 

If a second property inspection is required to confirm that the specified works have been completed, the costs associated with the inspection will be passed on to the tenure holder.

Applicant details

Supporting documentation required
You will be required to upload evidence of your authority to act on behalf of the current lease holder at the end of this application.
Authorised representative details

For example lawyer or a type of relative i.e son.

Current lease holder details


Current lease holder - incorporated association details

Current lease holder company details

Current lease holder - Government agency details

Current lease holder - Council details

Supporting documentation