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Hungry Point Reserve

The Hungry Point peninsula at Cronulla is a waterfront Crown land reserve.

The Hungry Point peninsula at Cronulla is a waterfront Crown land reserve for pisciculture (commercial breeding of fish). The reserve is also used for government and community purposes and is made up of public open space and a collection of former heritage listed fisheries buildings, a jetty and a disused pool/pond.

Marine Rescue NSW has operated its state headquarters and Botany Port Hacking volunteer rescue unit at Hungry Point under licence since 2013.

Marine Rescue NSW is a community emergency services organisation that provides volunteer marine search and rescue services and operates the only marine radio safety service on NSW rivers, lakes, estuaries, and coastal environments. 

The site is of state heritage significance and holds significant Aboriginal and European cultural value.

Future of Hungry Point Reserve

The term of the former members of the Hungry Point Reserve Land Manager Board expired on 28 September 2023.  

The future management of the reserve is currently being considered by Crown Lands, in discussion with Marine Rescue NSW, and Sutherland Shire Council. 

We will keep the community informed on the outcomes of these discussions. 


Mr Simon Spicer has been appointed as the Administrator for the Hungry Point Reserve land manager. The appointment for up to 6 months will allow for a decision on the long-term management of the reserve to be finalised. 

Proposed Hungry Point cliff top walkway 

The future management of the reserve is being reviewed by Crown Lands and any proposed walkway needs to consider the operational requirements of Marine Rescue NSW, including access to its wharf, any traffic impacts and the safety and security of pedestrians. 

Proposed Marine Rescue NSW training academy

Marine Rescue NSW withdrew a previous heritage application on 27 October 2022, to enable further discussion with Heritage NSW on ways to manage potential heritage impacts.

Crown Lands has deferred community engagement on this matter until the updated Review of Environmental Factors (REF) and heritage application from Marine Rescue NSW are available.