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Fees are updated annually, effective 1 July unless marked otherwise.



Lease application

The application fee represents an advance towards processing costs. Following receipt and assessment of the application the following costs will also be payable where applicable:

  • site investigation
  • land assessment - advertising (newspaper and gazette)
  • assessment of natural resource management implications and Part 5 EPA Act requirements
  • survey/plan compilation
  • valuation
  • publication of notice of intention to lease
  • negotiation/re-processing draft lease document
Minister’s consent to transfer, sublease and mortgage application$330.00
Fee for inspection, where required in respect of the above application$416.00* subject to change
Extension of term Western Lands lease application$288.00
Conversion of a term lease into a perpetual lease in the Western Division$819.00
For each additional lease in the application$21.00* subject to change
Alteration of the purpose, conditions, covenants or provisions$268.00
Redetermination of rent of a lease application$408.00
Purchase of a purchasable lease in the Western, Central or Eastern Division$706.00


General licence application$618.00
Domestic waterfront licence application$708.00
Short-term licence application$53.00
Licences notification of automatic transfer$101.00
Revocation of an existing licence and issue a new licence$618.00
Alter a licence$268.00

Notification of compulsory acquisition of Crown land

Notification of Proposed Compulsory Acquisition - Administration Fee$865.00



Crown road purchase application

The fee covers costs for the road status and tenure searches and consultation undertaken by the department and for advertising the proposal in a local newspaper and the status and search undertaken by the department. The application fee is not a deposit or an advance on the purchase of the road.

If the road purchase application is supported for sale, additional purchasing fees are payable at that time. See additional purchasing fees and costs in the Purchasing Crown roads application process fact sheet (PDF, 132 KB)


Water boundary determination

Water boundary determination application (Non-tidal)$295.00* subject to change
Water boundary determination (Tidal)$1003.00 *subject to change


Surrender of land or lease$418.00
Exemption from conditions application$268.00
Addition of land to a lease application$600.00
Remove restrictions on dealings applications$268.00
Waiver of Minister’s consent to a dealing$268.00
Consent to cultivate land in the Western Division application$819.00
Subdivision of a holding application$600.00
Landowner's consent application$106.00

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