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Apply for a water boundary determination

Before you apply

  1. Search and assemble all the supporting documents required.
  2. For non-tidal water determination ensure you determine whether Ad Medium Filum Aqua exists and if the Crown is the adjoining owner. (If Ad Medium Filum Aqua exists, the extent of title on the opposing side of the non-tidal boundary should also be determined). A search as to whether the land has the presumption of title to the middle thread can be requested at Order a search on the status of Crown land. This search will only review the original crown grant to establish if ad medium filum Aquae existed at the time of the grant for the subject land parcel.
  3. Ensure the waterway is administered by the Crown as this is not the case for all tidal waterways (for example - Sydney Harbour, Botany Bay, Port Hunter and Port Kembla Harbour)
  4. Pay the fee by direct debit. You can save your application, make the payment; and then submit the application.
    • BSB: 032-001 Account: 112078
    • You will need to enter a payment reference at the end of this application that starts with WB followed by the first 6 letters of your surname or company name ie: WBsurvey.
  5. Fees will not be refunded if the Crown is not the adjoining owner and is unable to provide consent.

Supporting documentation

Tidal and Non-Tidal

  • Surveyors Report
  • Copy of original grant to establish extent of title
  • Copy of current title
  • Copies of all DP’s, Government Gazettes and Crown Plans used to define the boundary
  • Copy of completed Plan of Survey and Administration Sheets signed by the Registered Surveyor
  • Water Boundary Survey Report (including photos with boundary line imposed to identify position adopted)
  • A survey geometry file of the subject boundaries (dwg or dxf)
  • Aerial overlay if applicable
  • Other authority searches if applicable

Additional Tidal optional documents

  • SCIMS Search if applicable
  • AHD or adopted level of MHWM including source and method if applicable
  • Council comment re public access if applicable
  • Government Gazettes if applicable

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