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Forest Permits (Apiary Sites) on Crown lands online application

Before you apply

  1. Use this form to request a new apiary site or the renewal of an existing site or change of apiarist.
  2. Use the free ePlanning Spatial Viewer to check that the land is Crown land.
  3. Use the DPI BPASS site to check the site is not held under a Forest Permit by another apiarist.
  4. Prepare the supporting documents you will need to complete this application

How to use the ePlanning Spatial Viewer

Supporting documentation

  • A copy of any relevant map, street directory, sketch or diagram showing the location and boundary of the proposed or existing proposed apiary site
  • A copy of any previous approvals for apiary sites from either Forestry Corporation of NSW or the Department if applicable
  • Diagrams of any proposed tracks.
  • A copy of any documentation showing permission to use access tracks administered or held by other authorities/entities including tracks over private freehold or leasehold lands or fire trail, as authorised by landholder or the applicable local Council or Rural Fire Service Branch
  • A recent ASIC search if applying as a company
  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation if applying as an Incorporated Association
  • Evidence of authority to act, if applicable

Important information about this form

  • By selecting the Submit button, you have read and agreed to the department's Privacy statement.
  • The fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory and must be completed in order to submit the form.

After you have submitted your form, a copy of the application can be emailed to the address entered in the form or a copy can be saved or printed.

Minister’s consent to apply for a Forest Permit (Apiary Site) located on Crown Land

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Your application cannot be accepted
We are unable to accept your application as this is not Crown land.  Please contact the owner of the land.

Your application cannot be accepted
We are unable to accept your application as the subject land is already held under a Forest Permit by another apiarist.

Sites details

Use the add another site link to add up to 5 sites on one application.
If there are greater than 5 sites, you will need to submit multiple applications.

Operation details

Site access details

Check all that apply.

Land management details

Please note that clearing may require additional authorisations from the Department.

Vegetation management

Consider: heavy vehicle use, ground-driven stakes or bee box mounts, fencing, grading.

Additional consent is required
The construction of a new access track will require separate authority from the Department.

Applicant information


This cannot be a post office box.

Supporting documentation