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Plans of management

These plans show how the land is to be used, taking into account a diverse range of recreational uses, conservation requirements and issues.

Plans of management are legal documents we develop and maintain to guide how Crown land will be sustainably managed. They provide a wealth of information about that site, including social, environmental, and economic values, set objectives and performance targets for community land, and provide for active land management and use, including the issuing of tenures over the land.

Visit our reserve manager website for more information on preparing plans of management for non-Council Crown land managers (CLMs) and plans of management information for Council CLMs.

Adopted plans of management

Plans of management adopted under the previous Crown Lands Act 1989 remain valid under the new Crown Land Management Act 2016 via transitional provisions under the Act until otherwise revoked by the minister.

For a full list of adopted plans of management, visit Adopted plans of management.

Draft plans of management

The community engagement strategy requires that the community is notified of all draft PoMs on the department’s website with a 42-day public submissions process. When these are available, they will appear here.

Council managed Crown reserve plans of management

Local councils appointed as Crown land managers to manage dedicated or reserved Crown land are required to develop plans of management for the land where it is classified as community land under the Local Government Act 1993.

All draft PoMs must be developed in line with the public exhibition requirements under section 38 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Check the Council CLM Reserves Portal for all reserves for which council is the appointed Crown land manager (CLM).

More information of plans of management information for Council CLMs is available in the council CLM section on our reserve manager website.