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Flood information for Crown land managers (CLM) – council and non-council

Land management assistance If you are a Crown land manager (CLM) and have experienced flood damage to buildings, reserves, access roads, trees, personal property or other structures on Crown land, please contact the reserves team by;

If the flood damage to buildings and other structures has made it unsafe to occupy the buildings/structures, please ensure the property is vacated and no one is able to enter the building until it is deemed safe.

Insurance claims

All Crown land managers (CLMs) are required to have insurance coverage for property, employees, and liability however, the process for insurance differs depending on the type of CLM.

If the CLM is a statutory land manager, they are generally eligible for coverage under the NSW Treasury Managed Fund (TMF), noting that ‘high risk activities’ are not covered.

If the CLM is a corporation (such as a company or incorporated association), they are generally required to have their own insurance however, with prior approval, cover may be granted when activities of the corporation are not commercial or profit-making and the corporation cannot afford to obtain their own insurance.

Council CLMs are not covered through the TMF and will need to rely on their own insurance and relevant disaster recovery funding arrangements.

The Treasury Managed Fund (TMF) covers:

Conditions apply.

To find out more about insurance cover and submitting a claim, view our Insurance webpage.

To discuss your circumstances and find out what support options are available, the Insurance Team can be contacted by:

Initial clean up

  • Is the CLM required to pay an excess?
  • How long after damage occurs can a claim be lodged?

Prior to submitting an insurance claim, initial clean-up works can proceed as required to ensure the safety of anyone attending the site.

All Crown land managers are encouraged to contact the insurance team with specific details of their claim.

Where it is safe and possible to do so, CLMs are encouraged to take photos of damage. Try to ensure that photos are taken of the high-water mark on internal walls to show the depth of the inundation prior to commencing the clean-up.

If an item is destroyed or completely unusable, please take a photo and note the model number before disposing of it.

If any major demolition or make-safe works are urgently required, please contact us prior to proceeding.

How long after damage occurs can a claim be lodged?

Crown land managers have 12 months from the date of damage to lodge a claim. The recorded date of the flood event is 22 February 2022. If the date of damage is later than this, please provide the details with the claim. To lodge a TMF insurance claim, please contact [email protected].

Is the CLM required to pay an excess?

There is no excess to be paid by a CLM when making a TMF insurance claim however, the minimum claimable amount is $300.

Other financial support for CLMs

If you are in a local government area listed in the Natural Disaster Declaration you (and/or your user groups) may be eligible for assistance with the clean-up and costs incurred in rectifying damage. Options for disaster relief funding to assist with clean-up and rectification of damage are described in the NSW Disaster Relief guidelines.

Further information can be found at Insurance (nsw.gov.au)

2022 Crown Lands Council Flood Recovery Grants Program for AGRN 1012

In September 2022, Crown Lands opened a Council Flood Recovery Grants Program for AGRN 1012. Applications were open to 62 affected Councils to apply for grants to clean-up and repair flood and storm damage on Crown Lands.  Applications for this program closed on 14 October 2022.


Program application recipient list