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Protecting and enhancing Crown land is essential for business, tourism, recreation, wellbeing and biodiversity of the state.

To ensure our maritime and land assets are maintained, we implement, monitor and manage infrastructure programs, planning schemes and environmental projects that enhance Crown land.

Two women walking along the Kiama coastal walk

We manage investigations and assessments for the protection and maintenance of the environment and natural resources of Crown land.

Picture of a grandstand being built - with scaffolding around the grandstand and piles of dirt in fron of it.

We are focused on planning growth and investing in infrastructure. The majority of our investment is used to enhance our natural coast and maritime resources.

Oyster shack read for demolition

Our goal to remediate identified Crown land sites and to return these sites to usable community land.

Girl running with her dog on a track on a hill

Find out how we're maintaining tracks and trails across NSW.

Cooma housing aerial view

Accelerating the delivery of homes in regional areas facing housing shortages by identifying suitable Crown land for residential development.

Waterfront with bridge over river

Comprehensive planning, design, construction, and maintenance of structures will help to increase their life span, save money, and minimise impacts on Crown land reserves.