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Mortgage a lease

Ministers consent to mortgage a Crown land Lease

Depending on the conditions of the lease and notifications on the Lands Title Register, it may be necessary to obtain the consent of the minister to mortgage a Crown land lease. The initial assessment of the application will determine if there are any obvious objections to the proposed mortgage of the lease. The department may refuse the application at this stage if the mortgage of the Crown land lease is not in the interests of the Crown.

Assessment to mortgage a lease

  • Any decision regarding the eligibility of an application must:
  • be lawful
  • offer natural justice
  • be based on evidence
  •  give reasons and provide accountability.


What you need to apply

The following documentation should accompany the application form and prescribed fee:

  • ASIC current and historical company extract of the proposed mortgagee
  • certified copy of the proposed mortgage
  • any ancillary agreements connected to the mortgage of Crown land lease
  • certified copy of registered power of attorney where applicable.

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