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Proposed lease of Crown land at Marmong Point by direct negotiation

Decision on proposal

The former NSW Department of Planning and Environment, Crown Lands, recently sought community feedback on the proposed lease of Crown land at Nanda Street, Marmong Point in Lake Macquarie to the existing tenant and adjoining freehold landowner.

The community was invited to provide feedback on the proposed lease between 14 July 2023 and 11 August 2023 in accordance with the requirements of the Community Engagement Strategy.

No submissions were received in regard to the proposed lease.

A final decision has been made by the department to proceed with the proposed lease.


Aerial map of Marmong Point
Aerial diagram - Red shading showing proposed lease at Marmong Point
Source: Crownview - Nearmap Imagery


Community Engagement Strategy

Engagement on this proposed lease is a requirement of the Community Engagement Strategy. The Strategy has been developed by the former Department of Planning and Environment to set an open and transparent framework for engaging the community about important decisions on Crown land. The Strategy acknowledges that needs vary between communities, and that a range of engagement approaches may be required to ensure community views are understood before important decisions are made.

Learn more about the Community Engagement Strategy.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the Crown land proposed to be leased located?

The Crown land is identified as Lot 401 in DP 823128, Lots 1 and 2 in DP 1153004, Lots 368 and 369 in DP 722241, Lots 7308 to 7311 in DP 1161754 as well as additional lands adjoining the existing marina and currently occupied by Transport for NSW moorings.

The land is located fronting Nanda Street, Marmong Point on Lake Macquarie, NSW.

What is the Crown land currently used for?

The land is currently held under lease and licence by the adjoining landowner who operates the site as a commercial marina. The additional lands are currently occupied by Transport for NSW moorings.

Why is the department proposing to lease this land?

The department was approached by the existing tenant with a proposal to redevelop their existing lease and licence areas, as well as expand the footprint of the existing marina to accommodate additional berths and provide improved privately funded infrastructure of Crown land.

The proposed expansion is in line with the department's adopted Commercial Marina Framework, which was developed following a recommendation from the Crown Land Commissioner's Taskforce after consultation with industry and peak bodies in order to deliver elements of the Crown Lands 2031 Action Plan.

How will the land be developed?

The tenant will be required to obtain planning approval under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) to redevelop the land. The EP&A Act also requires further community consultation to be undertaken as part of the planning application process and the opportunity to provide comments/submissions will be available at that time.

When will the department make a decision?

The department must follow the steps outlined in the Community Engagement Strategy. A decision will be made following the 28-day consultation period once the department has reviewed all comments and feedback provided by the community and stakeholders.

There is no guarantee that the proposed lease will progress.

How will the department consult the community?

The notification period for this proposed dealing is 28 days, commencing from Friday 14 August 2023 and closing at Midnight Friday 11 August 2023.

You can view the notification on the department’s website.

The department encourages public submissions during this time. See below for more information on making a public submission.

How can I make a submission?

Community members can make a submission by visiting our public exhibition webpage and completing the online submission form.

You can also send a written submission via Australia Post to the Department of Planning and Environment - Crown Lands at PO Box 2185, Dangar NSW 2309.

Please ensure you include reference number 22/07974#05 in your submission so it may be directed to the correct person.

How will the department consider feedback and submissions in the decision-making process?

The department will review and evaluate all feedback received during the 28-day notification period with an emphasis on the impact of the proposed lease on the community’s current use and enjoyment of the Crown land.

If the community raises issues that were unknown to the department, we may need to engage further prior to making a final decision.

The community’s views are important and will contribute to the final decision on the use of Crown land. More information is available on the department’s website at Guides and Factsheets - Leases.

For more information on the engagement strategy, go to our Community Engagement Strategy webpage.

How will the community find out about the decision?

The final outcomes and decision of the proposed lease will be published on the department’s webpage once a final decision is made.

All who make a submission will be informed of the decision once it has been made.