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Upgrade for Uralla Men’s Shed

08 Mar 2022

A former fruit packing shed will be refurbished to be given a new lease of life as an upgraded home for Uralla Men’s Shed in the New England region.

Crown Lands has provided a $48,070 grant to install a new iron roof, insulate the ceilings and walls, and install new LED lighting.

The funding is part of $1.62 million that has been distributed under the NSW Government’s COVID-19 stimulus program to upgrade more than 20 men’s sheds across the state.

Uralla Men’s Shed Secretary Bruce Stubberfield said the upgrade will improve comfort and safety for the shed’s 28 members users and help attract more members.

“This upgrade will make a heap of difference for our members by making the building cooler in summer and less cold in winter, and also providing improved lighting to assist us with our work,” Mr Stubberfield said.

“It would also allow the shed to be used in the evenings by other community groups for meetings.

“We hope to have the work completed by the end of June and will be engaging a local builder and electrician for the work.”

Australian Men's Shed Association NSW President John Sharples said the statewide upgrades would empower men and create renewed interest in men’s sheds.

“We have 377 sheds in NSW with about 20,000 members. This stimulus funding is making a big difference,” Mr Sharples said.

“By improving infrastructure and making workplaces better and safer, we will be able to create a supportive environment that provides opportunities for members to contribute to their men’s shed and the wider community.”

Uralla Men's shed.
Uralla Men's shed.