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Purchase Crown land

From time to time parcels of Crown land may become available to buy when it is no longer benefiting users or serving a public purpose.

Generally, Crown land is not sold, but from time to time parcels of Crown land may become available to buy when it is no longer benefitting users or serving a public purpose. The department assesses all purchase enquiries rigorously to ensure the sale is appropriate and complies with legislation.

The department receives many requests to buy Crown land each month, but only a small number progress to sale each year.

In the first instance, we encourage you to consider alternatives to purchase such as:

Compulsory acquisition

Some authorities, usually government agencies, can acquire Crown land compulsorily. Most land acquired this way supports the development of public infrastructure such as schools, roads, hospitals and parks.

Find out more about the acquisition process

How we assess enquiries

When we assess the eligibility of land for disposal or sale, the department will balance the social, economic and environmental considerations of the site. Typically, successful applications:

  • lead to significant economic development and job creation for NSW
  • service the needs of key stakeholders such as local government authorities, other government agencies and non-profit organisations that are providing core services for the NSW community
  • consolidate property or resolve property ownership issues where the sale of Crown land is considered in the public interest
  • do not reduce the public’s enjoyment of Crown land
  • are sold through either competitive process or by independent valuation advice to get the best value as compensation for the loss to the Crown estate.

When we assess enquiries, the department is guided by the Sale of Crown land policy (PDF, 405 KB) and the Sale of Crown land guidelines (PDF, 483 KB).

The sale of Crown land

We notify the community if we intend to sell Crown land. This is an important part of our commitment to transparency in decision-making and is a core part of our Community Engagement Strategy.

The What’s happening section of this website outlines any intended sales of Crown land.

How to purchase Crown land

To identify if the land you wish to purchase is:

  • Crown land
  • Is managed by Crown Land
  • Has the appropriate Zoning and
  • the LEP supports the proposed activity

use the Planning Portal ePlanning Spatial Viewer.

How to use ePlanning Spatial Viewer: User Guide (PDF, 174 KB)

Prior to submitting your application you must:

  • Identify if the land would be considered for sale.
  • Obtain the application form.


In order to submit an application you must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. The land is Crown land (have the address, lot/dp or a description of the location of the land)
  2. The land is managed by Crown Land.
  3. The land is not zoned recreational or environmental. Land that has recreational or environmental zoning will not be sold. Where land is used for public recreation the impact on the community may be significant, so it may not be in the interest to sell that land. Where land has significant environmental value, it may not be appropriate to sell that land unless the sale improves environmental outcomes.
  4. The current zoning of the land and the corresponding environmental planning instrument (LEP) permits the proposed activities on the land.
  5. The sale of Crown land is in the public interest.
  6. Applicants do not have outstanding debts with Crown land.

Download and complete the Enquiry to purchase Crown land (PDF, 169 KB) application form.