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Clean-up of Foxlow Parklet at Captains Flat


Media release | 24 June 2022

Crown Lands is providing $400,000 to Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council for the clean-up of a popular park at Captains Flat, south east of Queanbeyan.

Foxlow Parklet is an important public asset for Captains Flat with its playground and grassed open space area a popular spot for families and the wider community.

The 630 square metre park is located on a Crown reserve managed by Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council.

However, the park has been out of operation since last year after soil testing identified higher than acceptable lead levels, linked to the former Lake George mine site that operated at Captains Flat from 1882 to 1962.

The park clean-up will involve the excavation of soil to a depth of about 0.6 metres and its replacement with fresh clean soil. The park will then be tested to ensure it is clean and safe before being reopened.

The clean-up work will be undertaken in line with advice from consultants to the Captain Flat Lead Management Taskforce to protect local residents from dust, noise, and soil or water runoff.

The park clean-up is part of ongoing work by the NSW Government through a multi-agency lead management taskforce, of which Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council is an important contributor.

The Taskforce’s work is addressing lead risk and returning important assets to the local community.


Foxlow Parklet at Captains Flat
Foxlow Parklet at Captains Flat


Aerial photo of the Captains Flat area
Aerial photo of the Captains Flat area