Crown Lands

Cessnock reserves clean-up removes 16 tonnes of dumped rubbish

Media release | 23 August 2022

The Cessnock area is safer and cleaner after a $204,000 clean-up operation removed more than 16 tonnes of dumped cars, asbestos, electrical wiring and other waste scattered throughout two Crown bushland reserves.

The Department of Planning and Environment – Crown Lands funded the clean-up of waste that was strewn across about 30 different sites in the reserves creating an eyesore and posing a risk to the environment, waterways, and public health and safety.

The work covered 37 hectares of the reserves located off Melbourne Street, Aberdare, and between East Cessnock and Aberdare.

Removed waste included 10 dumped cars, 2.5 tonnes of asbestos, and 14.5 tonnes of mixed commercial and other general waste including tyres, couches, mattresses, air conditioning ducting, and electrical cables.

It is illegal to dump rubbish on reserves with potential individual fines up to $110,000 plus $11,000 for each day offences continue, or $220,000 plus $22,000 for each day offences continue for corporations.

Dumping is often accompanied by other anti-social behaviour such as vandalism of gates and fences, cutting of trees for firewood, while dumping on fire trails can hamper emergency vehicle access to fight fires.

Illegal dumping, vandalism or tree cutting can be reported to Crime Stoppers ( or 1800 333 000) or the environment line (131 555).

One of the dumped cars removed from the Cessnock reserves
One of the dumped cars removed from the Cessnock reserves