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Commoners wanted for Baradine Common


Media release | 6 June 2022

Residents of Baradine are encouraged to become a ‘commoner’ and take advantage of having access to the common for grazing rights and to support the longer-term management of the site.

Commons are areas of Crown land set aside for the community with most established in the late 1800s for town residents and small-scale farmers for grazing, watering of stock and sustainable collection of firewood for the winter.

Jacky Wiblin, group leader of land and asset management with Crown Lands, is encouraging residents to become a ‘commoner’ to make use of Baradine Common.

There is also opportunity for commoners to be elected to the volunteer Common Trust Board to help oversee management of the common.

“Anyone who lives in Baradine can apply to be placed on the Baradine Common roll allowing them to graze animals for a modest fee on the 118-hectare site,” Ms Wiblin said.

“Baradine Common is a fantastic resource set aside for the community more than a century ago and we want more people to make full use of it.

“The common has 99.5 hectares of forest and 18.5 hectares of cleared country perfect for keeping a pony or grazing cattle or sheep.”

Minister for Lands and Water Kevin Anderson said Baradine Common is one of about 200 commons administered under the Commons Management Act 1989.

“Our commons have historical significance and ongoing benefits to their local communities, so I encourage the Baradine community to put their common to good use and enjoy the great outdoors,” Mr Anderson said.

Baradine Common, between Baradine Road and Gwabegar Road, has a fenced paddock, yards and a ramp for loading stock and a dam for watering animals.

There is a $50 one-off fee to become a commoner. Annual fees will be determined in consultation with commoners. Statewide regulations set grazing costs at 25 cents a day for each sheep and $1.50 a day for each horse or cow, with funds used to maintain the common.

To enrol as a commoner contact Jacky Wiblin, current administrator of the common, at or 1300 886 235.


Baradine Common
Baradine Common