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Come to a drop-in session on Burwood Dam

Media release | 9 August 2022

Lake Macquarie residents are invited to have their say on the future of Burwood Colliery Dam near Whitebridge.

Two community drop-in sessions will be held at Whitebridge High School on 16 August 2022 to provide information and seek feedback on investigating the removal of the dam wall and rehabilitate the site.

Crown Lands is considering whether to return the site to its natural state as the dam, which used to supply water to the former Burwood Colliery, is no longer needed.

The dam structure is nearing the end of its life and will require major repairs and maintenance into the future. The dam is also slowly silting up and, if left in place, would likely turn into an artificial swamp.

Rehabilitation of the site, if feasible, would aim to restore the natural waterway and support the amenity of an area that is close to Fernleigh walking and cycling track, and popular for families wanting to exercise or spend time in natural surroundings.

The two-hour community drop-in sessions will allow the local community and stakeholders to provide feedback on how they value the site, any issues and potential other uses for the site.

If a decision was later made to progress, further investigations would be commenced, options developed and a full environmental assessment undertaken.

The community information sessions will be held from 3.30pm to 5.30pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm. The sessions will be run by GHD which consults to Crown Lands.

For more information or to provide feedback visit the Burwood Colliery Dam or contact 1800 066 243 or [email protected]

Burwood Colliery Dam near Whitebridge
Burwood Colliery Dam near Whitebridge