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Expression of Interest open for Byron Bay aged care site

29 Sep 2023

The NSW Government will conduct an open expression of interest (EOI) to invite potential operators to provide aged care accommodation at the Feros Village site at Byron Bay.

Crown Lands in the Department of Planning and Environment will conduct the EOI at a date soon to be announced with support from StewartBrown chartered accountants.

The EOI will seek interest from potential operators of the Crown land reserve for its designated purpose of ‘Homes for the Aged’, including the current site operator Feros Care.

The EOI will aim to secure an aged care operator under a long-term lease, which will provide greater security to encourage investment in the site to ensure it meets Aged Care Quality Standards and complies with the Commonwealth Aged Care Act 1997.


Feros Village Reserve
Potential operators are invited to provide aged care accommodation at the Feros Village site at Byron Bay


An assessment panel will be formed with representatives from the Department of Planning and Environment, Byron Shire Council and an industry specialist to assess the EOIs.

Applicants will be assessed to selection criteria prior to a shortlisting of candidates for discussions on the next stage of the procurement process.

The reserve and aged care facility, at 29-33 Marvell Street, Byron Bay, is currently under the management of Feros Care as the appointed Crown land manager.

The EOI will allow for a transition from a Crown land manager responsibility for management of the reserve to the granting of a lease under the Crown Land Management Act 2016.

Byron Shire Council voted to support an expression of interest for an aged care operator to lease the site. It has also confirmed its interest in being considered for appointment as the Crown land manager of the reserve.

Minister for Lands and Property Steve Kamper said:

“Our highest priority is to ensure continuing care for the remaining residents in the village. Their welfare is paramount in deciding the future of the reserve from a Crown land administration perspective.

“An open Expression of Interest process is warranted as an alternate aged care provider has come forward to signal their interest in operating the site.

“The EOI will require all interested parties including Feros Care to demonstrate any proposed development on the site will comply with State and Federal aged care legislation, planning requirements and industry health and safety standards.”