Crown Lands

Kanahooka Jetties and Dix's Wharf

The NSW Government allocated $2.2 million to fund repairs and upgrade work on Lake Illawarra jetties, including Kanahooka Jetties and Dix's Wharf.


In 2021, Crown Lands sought community feedback on Kanahooka Jetties and Dix’s Wharf, which are among priority upgrades to a number of public jetties in Lake Illawarra.

Crown Lands is investing $2.2 million to support repairs and upgrade work on a range of Lake Illawarra jetties, so they can be used by the community.

Community feedback was gathered via online surveys to help determine priority jetty upgrades and identify if all jetty structures are still required by the community.

Kanahooka Boat Ramp Jetties

Following community consultation, in November 2021, we announced proposed works would include repairing the western jetty and replacing the eastern jetty with a floating pontoon.

During the design phase, engineers reviewed the tidal variance and determined that the benefit of a floating pontoon would be limited.

As the design work progressed, it was also identified that the nominated design was going to be more costly due to an increase in building costs and site and engineering constraints.

New design

The existing jetties will be refurbished and brought up to modern standards, providing a safe amenity for all users to enjoy.

The timber decks will be replaced with a non-slip mesh that has a long design life.

Repairing and refurbishing both existing jetties received approx. 64 per cent of the votes during community consultation.

Crown Lands will provide an update when works begin on site.

Dix’s Wharf

Construction to commence

GPM Marine Constructions has been awarded the contract to repair Dix’s Wharf. The project will involve refurbishing the jetty in its current form to bring it up to modern standards.


Crown Lands proposed 3 design options for Dix’s Wharf for community feedback.

Each option differed in its treatment of the jetty, and in the style of landscaping proposed for the land area adjacent.

The proposed treatment of the jetty for each option is described below:

  • Option 1 (PDF, 21.2 MB) – The jetty is to be retained and repaired in its current form, with minor modification to bring it up to modern standard where appropriate.
  • Option 2 (PDF, 14.8 MB) – The jetty would be removed with only historical elements remaining. Landscaping and historical educational signage would be installed.
  • Option 3 (PDF, 15.4 MB) – Most of the existing jetty would be removed, with a new realigned jetty located at the east of the site, which would connect to the original jetty ‘head’.

Based on the outcome of the options survey for Dix’s Wharf, it is proposed to repair the existing structure after the survey attracted overwhelming support (95% of responses) for Option 1.