Crown Lands

Grazing licence opportunity at Bemboka

Lot details

The Crown land is situated on Yankees Gap Road, being Lot 184 DP 723825, with an approximate area of 1.033ha, in the Parish of Colombo and County of Auckland.

How to apply

Any person interested in this opportunity is invited to submit a proposal by following the instructions contained in the information for applicants.

The Grazing licence EOI application form is used to apply for a grazing licence under the Crown Lands Management Act 2016. Note: All applications are considered on their own merits. A number of factors are considered prior to a determination being made on which method of allocation to use.

No guarantee can be given as to the outcome of any application under the provisions of the Crown Lands Management Act 2016. For more information, download the terms and conditions.

Closing date

Applications close Friday 29th September at 4:30pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).


If you have any questions or would like more information please contact:

Taylor Burch, Property Services Officer
Phone: 02 4824 3713