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What is a reserve trust?

A reserve trust is a legal body that cares for a Crown reserve on behalf of the people of NSW.

NSW has more than 34,000 Crown reserves, of which around 700 are managed by community volunteers and 7800 managed by Councils.

Reserve trusts enable the NSW Government, local councils, service organisations and members of the community to manage and care for the reserved land to facilitate and encourage community use and enjoyment.

By working together NSW Crown land (the Department) and the community can:

  • recognise and conserve the special values of Crown reserves
  • ensure that all persons have the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy these values
  • protect reserves for future generations
  • manage the reserves to meet community needs.

The Department provides reserve trusts with operational support and can help trusts secure financial assistance.

For more information

The Trust Handbook provides guidance to trust board members in performing their duties as members of a Crown reserve trust.