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Reserve trust resources

The following resources provide practical support to reserve trust boards in undertaking their duties in managing a Crown reserve that extend to include:

  • Land and asset management 
  • Corporate governance (i.e. how the Reserve Trust is run);
  • Accounting and financial management ;
  • Legal obligations to members of the public; and
  • Employee management (where applicable)

Trust Handbook

Trust Handbook
The Trust handbook provides a comprehensive guide for trust board members in performing their duties. The Handbook references include general information and guidelines, regulatory and policy requirements that must be complied with as well as sample templates, useful links and references to other relevant websites, contacts and reading material.
Note: whilst the Trust Handbook was not geared towards council or corporate trusts, the majority of the information contained in the handbook is relevant to ALL trust managers.

Relevant Crown land policies

Relevant Crown land policies
The attached link details Department of Industry - Lands' policies relevant to trust managers of Crown reserves.

Land and asset management resources

Leases and licences
Information relating to the granting of leases and licences over Crown reserves, including standard lease conditions template and a licence agreement template.

Minimum rent
Information relating to minimum rent, water access only rebates and latest CPI value. The minimum rent amount can be no less than the statutory minimum rent as set out in the Crown Lands Act 1989, which changes on a quarterly basis in line with CPI.

Management of behaviour on Crown reserves
Information relating to the management of behaviour on Crown reserves and enforcement of by-laws, including details of the training and authorisation application form required to become authorised under section 153 of the Crown Lands Act 1989.

Pesticide use on Crown reserves
Reserve trusts are required from 1 February 2007 to comply with the requirements of a Pesticides Use Notification Plan before using any pesticides on Crown reserves.

Corporate Governance

Crown reserve annual reporting
All trusts are required to submit to the Minister an annual report as prescribed in section 122 of the Crown Lands Act 1989 and section 35 of the Commons Management Act 1989. This report provides important information to support the partnership between the Department of Primary Industries - Lands and trusts in the management of the Crown reserves. Annual reports can now be submitted online in the Crown Reserve Reporting System (CRRS).