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Reserve Trust Handbook Individual Chapters

Please use the links below to navigate to the individual chapters and appendices of the Reserve Trust Handbook.

Reserve Trust Handbook Chapters:

Executive Summary

  1. Crown Reserves 
  2. How the trust system works 
  3. Additional roles and responsibilities of trust boards (where appointed) 
  4. Communicating with Crown Lands and other agencies 
  5. Plans of management 
  6. Visitors to the reserves   
  7. Managing risk 
  8. Insurance
  9. Emergency management 
  10. Work health and safety 
  11. Environmental responsiblities and land management 
  12. Native title claims under the (NSW) Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 
  13. Managing buildings, assets and infrastructure 
  14. Leases, licences and land management agreements 
  15. Employment: paid staff, volunteers, contractors 
  16. Anti-discrimination 
  17. General administration 
  18. Promotion and publicity 
  19. Sources of income 
  20. Using trust funds 
  21. Selling, mortgaging and acquiring reserve trust land 
  22. Accounting and financial management 
  23. Annual report and financial statements 
  24. Privacy and personal information 
  25. Public access to Government information 
  26. Handling Complaints 
  27. Commons 
  28. How the commons system works 
  29. Roles and responsibilities of the commons trust board 
  30. Management plans for commons 
  31. Leases and licences for commons 
  32. General administration for commons  
  33. Selling, mortgaging and acquiring commons trust land, and investments 
  34. Trustees of schools of arts 

Reserve Trust Handbook Appendices:

Appendix A: Preparing Plans of Management   

Appendix B: Employment resources   

Appendix C: Financial recordkeeping and reporting templates   

Appendix D: Complaint Register Template 

Appendix E: Temporary Licence, s108 Crown Lands Act 1989