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Upgrades for NSW men’s sheds


Media release | 15 February 2022

The NSW Government will contribute $1.62 million to upgrading a significant number of Men’s Sheds across the state.

Minister for Lands and Water Kevin Anderson said the funding from the NSW Government’s COVID-19 stimulus program would provide improvements to more than 20 Men’s Sheds in Sydney and regional areas.

“Men’s Sheds provide places where men can make friends, learn new skills and give back to their community,” Mr Anderson said.

“They allow community members from all backgrounds to come together and work on meaningful projects, sharing their skillsets at their own pace, in their own time and in the company of others.

“Men’s Sheds help improve the wellbeing of members, by giving them a purpose, a safe place to talk, share meaningful activities and access health information and resources.”

A study by Beyond Blue found Men’s Shed members can fare better with general health, vitality and mental health.

Australian Men's Shed Association NSW President John Sharples said the upgrades would empower men and create renewed interest in the initiative.

“We have 377 sheds in NSW with about 20,000 members. This stimulus funding will make a big difference,” Mr Sharples said.

“By improving infrastructure and making workplaces better and safer, we will be able to create a supportive environment that provides opportunities for members to contribute to their Men’s Shed and the wider community.”

Bermagui Men's Shed extension
Bega Men's Shed has benefited from more than $161,000 in funding to extend its shed including a verandah, meeting/recreation room, a quiet area, kitchen and air conditioning.