Crown Lands

$15 million for Crown land upgrades


Media release | 8 February 2022

The NSW Government will invest $15.23 million from the Crown Reserves Improvement Fund in more than 250 projects to maintain and upgrade Crown land reserves and community facilities across the state.

Minister for Lands and Water Kevin Anderson said maintaining and enhancing Crown reserves supports business, tourism and recreation and gives locals access to quality open spaces.

Crown land reserves support everything from parks, community halls, nature areas, and showgrounds to sporting facilities, camping areas and walking tracks. They also provide a home for organisations like Scouts and Girl Guides, Men’s Sheds, Police Citizens Youth Clubs, and Surf Life Saving clubs.

“The NSW Government knows how important it is that we keep Crown reserves in top shape in order to support the communities that rely on these facilities. In doing so we are also protecting the environment and supporting tourism, business, and local economies,” Mr Anderson said.

“The Crown Reserves Improvement Fund supports projects in all areas of the state, particularly in regional NSW where we know communities make great use of facilities on Crown Land.”

“This year’s fund allocation will improve community facilities such as showgrounds, community amenities blocks, public halls, kitchens, sporting courts, picnic shelters and kiosks, fencing, electrical infrastructure and disabled access to reserves.

“It will also keep our reserves healthy and protect native plants and animals by removing noxious weeds and controlling feral pests like foxes, rabbits and cats.”

Family in the Thomas Boy Trackhead park
Family in the Thomas Boy Trackhead park