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Timber industry

The forestry industry is important to NSW, creating regional jobs and ensuring a supply of timber from sustainably managed sources.

  • 3,300 people are directly employed in NSW forestry and logging, timber wholesaling and forestry support services
  • 18,946 people are directly employed in NSW paper and wood product manufacturing sectors
  • 42% of these jobs are based in regional NSW
  • the NSW wood product manufacturing industry is worth $2.4 billion
  • the softwood plantation sector industry value is $1.92 billion
  • the native forestry sector industry value is $465 million

A need for timber

The state’s population will grow by 100,500 people on average per year to 2031, which means more than 660,000 new homes need to be built over that period.

While softwoods are used for house framing, hardwoods are used for flooring, decks and pergolas, for structural purposes such as power poles, wharves and bridges and for lower value applications such as landscaping sleepers, fencing and pallets. There is also strong demand from home renovators for timber products.