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Sustainable forest management

The NSW Government ensures native forests are managed sustainably for economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits. Sustainable forest management conserves environmental values, such as biodiversity and water quality, and sustains the health and productivity of forests for current and future generations.

Revenue made from the sale of forest products supports ongoing management of forests for multiple uses including recreation.

The NSW Government has also continually invested in forest research to better understand the impacts of harvesting and inform best-practice sustainable forest management.

  • Our scientists are national leaders in forest management and innovation with recent technology improvements enabling whole of landscape modelling.
  • Buying local renewable timber products is a better choice for the economy and environment than buying non-sustainably sourced imported timber products.
  • Managing forests sustainably for timber production results in greenhouse gases being absorbed in growing forests and stored in harvested timber products, which contributes to a healthier environment and reduces the effect of climate change.

To increase understanding of koala management on public and private native forestry operations a Koala Code of Practice is available. An initiative of the Forest Industries Taskforce, this document was developed by leading scientists in conjunction with industry representatives.

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