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Science and research

Sustainable access is dependent on forests that are healthy, resilient and biosecure.

Our scientists are committed to providing monitoring and surveillance services that promote forest health and biosecurity. They provide evidence based services to forest managers and policy makers that underpin sustainable use of native forests and productive plantations.

Focus areas

Forest ecology and sustainability

Demonstrating sustainable management of forested landscapes:

  • Installing landscape scale biodiversity monitoring programs with a focus on new low cost technology
  • Developing predictive spatial models for optimal management of threatened species in forests
  • Monitoring biodiversity in hardwood plantations
  • Assessing the implications on forest biodiversity of ecological thinning and residue extraction

Forest resource assessment

Improving the accuracy, efficiency and cost effectiveness of forest assessment over space and time:

  • Assessment and adoption of remote sensing technologies
  • Assessment and characterisation of plantation and native forest timber resources
  • Growth modelling and wood quality assessment
  • Socio-economic impact assessment of forest management practices

Forest health and biosecurity

Providing forest health and biosecurity services to plantation and native forest managers:

  • Detection and mapping of the extent and severity of pests and diseases in plantations and native forests
  • Technical advice on the management of pests and diseases
  • Research on the impact and management of pests and diseases
  • Biosecurity surveillance for exotic forest pests and diseases that incorporate NSW port environs
  • Liaison with state, federal and international forest health and biosecurity agencies and the forestry sector

Carbon in forests, wood products and bioenergy

Providing scientific evidence to underpin carbon accounting in forests and wood products and the utilisation of wood waste for bioenergy production:

  • Quantifying the carbon footprint in forests and wood products
  • Life cycle analysis of forest products
  • Biomass quantification and characterisation in forests and residue from sawlog harvesting, thinning and wood processing
  • Technical guidance on the development of carbon abatement forestry projects to operate under the Commonwealth’s Emission Reduction Fund
  • Technical assessment of mechanical fuel reduction