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Sustainable land management

The Crown land (the Department's) strategy on sustainable land management balances conservation and biodiversity outcomes with the social and economic needs of the community. These case studies highlight some of the Department’s sustainable land management projects currently in operation around the state.

Port Stephens Foreshore Masterplanning

"Planning for the sustainable use of foreshore land"

The Department and Port Stephens Council have developed a strategic foreshore Masterplan that guides the future use and development of approximately eight km of Crown and community foreshore land along the southern Port Stephens foreshore extending from Corlette to Shoal Bay.


Budd Island restoration project

"Protection of endangered flora and fauna"

Budd Island is located on the Clyde River near the town of Batemans Bay in Southern NSW.


Mesquite control program: noxious weed control

"Protection of environments"

The “unincorporated area” of the far western region of the State, comprises an area of about 93,000 square kms. This unincorporated area does not have a local government or council to provide services or regulation, so the Department of Lands (Lands) is the local authority for control of noxious weeds.


Hawks Nest bushfire program

"Protection of Endangered Koala Population – Reducing Wildfire Hazard"

Hawks Nest, located on the northern side of Port Stephens Bay, is an isolated coastal development with large tracts of National Park, Crown reserves, Crown roads, and other bushland areas surrounding the village. Many of these areas are home to an endangered koala population.


Belmont Wetlands

"Conservation of important coastal environments"

Belmont Wetlands is NSW’s 10th State Park. The 523 hectare site, next to the Pacific Ocean between Belmont and Redhead, south of Newcastle, was formerly owned by BHP.  Belmont Wetlands comprises of seven coastal wetlands and protects a range of important environments; from coastal wetlands with their abundance of wildlife, to rare examples of coastal woodlands, heath and dunal vegetation.


Port Stephens Regional Crown Reserve

"For the social, economic and environmental benefit of the people of NSW"

All Crown lands in Port Stephens; from Fern Bay in the south, throughout the Tomaree Peninsula, to north of Karuah; were recently declared as a Regional Crown Reserve.


Seven Mile Beach Reserve restoration project

"Protection of important ecosystems"

Seven Mile Beach Reserve, located near Kiama, is an area with significant conservation values and biodiversity. It has endangered ecological areas, coastal sands shrub/fern forests and littoral rainforests, as well as public recreation and beach areas.


Redevelopment of Nelson Bay foreshore

"A vision for the future"

The Department and Port Stephens Council are currently working together to revitalise the Nelson Bay foreshore area to create a sustainable social, environmental and economic hub which will cater for the future needs of the Nelson bay community and its visitors.


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