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Status Search

NSW Crown land (the Department) provides a comprehensive land status and information service for all Crown land and Crown roads in New South Wales.

What is a Crown land status search?

Crown land status refers to details of the current situation of an area of Crown land or Crown roads. A land status report may include details of ownership, historical and chronological information, land description, and boundary details.

How much does a status search cost?

A standard price is not available due to the varying nature and complexity of each parcel and the amount of Crown land or Crown roads included in a particular search request. Upon receipt of an application an assessment will be made as to the cost, the client will be advised, and payment will be required before any status investigation is undertaken by the Department.

How do I go about making an application for a status search of a particular piece of Crown land?

Status search requests can be made by submitting a request in writing to NSW Department of Primary Industries - Lands , PO Box 2185 Dangar NSW 2309.

The status search application should include sufficient information in order to identify the area you are interested in. This would include:

  • Lot/DP number
  • Crown Portion
  • Parish Names
  • Locality
  • Clear diagram illustrating the Crown land or Crown roads in question

Note: The Department can only provide the status of Crown land or Crown roads. Details relating to the status of other State-owned lands - including State Rail Authority property, Roads and Traffic Authority property, National Parks, Local Lands Services and State Forests - are managed by separate authorities.

Historical Searches

Historical information relating to land settlement in NSW is also available through some of the following sources.

  • The State Library has a complete set of NSW Government Gazettes and has an Ask a Librarian Service available to the general public.
  • Parish Maps have been digitised and are available at
  • Crown Plan Image – Land and Property Information has a Crown plan series which extends from first settlement in 1788 to 1983 and often contains information of historical interest. The Crown Plan is the original parcel definition and subdivision plans of land in the State and for some properties, a Crown Plan is still the current plan. For further information go to:
  • Many local libraries also have historical societies and access to Government Gazettes that can assist your research.