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Short Term Licences

Provisions exist under s34 and s34A of the Crown Lands Act 1989 and s50A of the Western Lands Act 1901 for the Minister to grant a licence over Crown land.

A licence does not grant the licence holder exclusive possession to the Crown land. The Crown retains ownership and, depending on the purpose of licences, may grant more than one licence over the same parcel of land.

As most Crown land is now reserved for a public purpose, s34A is the preferred section to grant Short Term Licences. A Short Term Licence may be offered under s34A for activities such as:

  • environmental protection and improvement
    • foreshore stabilization
    • hazard reduction / bush fire prevention
    • eradication of noxious weeds
    • regeneration
  • education and training (e.g. Ambulance 4WD training, SES)
  • a single one-off short term event (e.g. sporting gala day, music festival or market day)
  • short term filming

All applications for a short term licence must be made on the approved application form and posted to PO Box 2185 Dangar NSW 2309 at least two months prior to the required commencement date. No fee is required up front with the submission of this form. A fee of $32.80 may be requested at the time of offer for a single one-off short term event or short term filming.

In cases where lengthy status searches are required, additional fees for searches may be payable and processing times may increase. When this is identified, a quote for payment is to be issued to the client and searches may cease until payment is received.

Ongoing licences are generally subject to rent, Short Term Licences may be charged a one-off upfront rent fee. There are no redetermination or CPI adjustments during the life of the Short Term Licence.

There are two sets of conditions in a Short Term Licence. One set is standard, which applies to all short term licences and the other set is a group of additional special conditions that may apply to the Licence area based on the specific site you are applying for.

The full set of Standard Terms and Conditions is available for review, additional Special Conditions will vary depending on any site specific environmental considerations for each licence and will be provided in a separate schedule of the short term licence.

No guarantee will be given as to the outcome of any application under the provisions of the Crown Land Act 1989.

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