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Grazing Licences

Provisions exist under s34 and s34A of the Crown Lands Act 1989 and s50A of the Western Lands Act 1901 for the Minister to grant a grazing licence over Crown land. Licences may be granted by way of Public Competition, Closed Tender or Direct Application.

A grazing licence does not grant the licence holder exclusive possession to the Crown land. The Crown retains ownership and, depending on the purpose of the licence, may grant more than one licence over the same parcel of land.

All applications for a grazing licence must be made on the approved application form, accompanied by the application fee. The application fee is currently $383.60. The application form and cheque or money order should be posted to PO Box 2155, DANGAR, NSW, 2309.

Standard Terms and Conditions are applied to all grazing licences and at times Special Conditions may be applied. A grazing licence fact sheet is available and provides more detailed information relating to grazing licences.

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