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Leases and licences


A lease of Crown land enables exclusive use over a particular piece of land for a specified term and purpose.  The information in this section refers to leases granted under the Crown Land Act 1989, and not perpetual leases, special leases or term leases which are subject to the Crown Lands (Continued Tenures) Act 1989.


A licence over Crown land is a contractual agreement that grants the licensee a personal right to occupy and use Crown land for a particular purpose. It does not grant exclusive possession of the land, as is the case with a lease, and may permit the land to be used by other persons. More...

Rent redeterminations

Leases, licences and permits to occupy Crown Land attract annual rental payments. Both the Crown Lands Act 1989 and individual tenure agreements contain provisions for the periodic market redetermination of rent. More information download Market Rent Redetermination FAQs.

Crown Land tenure holders have the right to object to a redetermination of rent under Section 142 of the Crown Lands Act 1989. Download Objections to Market Rent Redeterminations FAQs for more information or contact us on 1300 886 235 or via email to request an objection form.

Concessions and hardship relief

Crown Lands administers leases, licences and occupancies over Crown land under the provisions of the Crown Lands Act 1989. Crown Lands charges annual market rent for tenures on Crown land and provides a range of concessions to individuals and organisations.

The following information is available on Crown Lands' concessions and hardship relief provisions:

Policy on concessions and hardship relief for Crown land tenures This document outlines the framework under which Crown Lands operates together with its position on concessions, hardship relief and payment options.
Q&A - Rent concessions and hardship relief for Crown land tenure holders This document provides advice on what concessions are available, who can access them and how they are applied.
Hardship relief application This form should be used to apply for hardship relief on a Crown land tenure. Hardship relief in the form of payment plans or extension of time to pay may be offered to clients experiencing financial difficulties that impact on their ability to pay rent.
For further information please Contact us.

Minimum Rents and Water Access Rebates

Minimum Rent, Water Access Only Rebates and CPI Value
Date Minimum Rent Water Access Only CPI Value
14 Nov 2017$486.00$347.00112.5
31 Jul 2017 $483.00$345.00111.7
27 Apr 2017$481.00$344.00111.3
27 Jan 2017$479.00$342.00110.9
27 Oct 2016$477.00$341.00110.4
27 Jul 2016$472.00$337.00109.3
27 Apr 2016 $470.00 $336.00 108.7
27 Jan 2016 $471.00 $336.00 108.9
28 Oct 2015 $469.00 $335.00 108.6
22 Jul 2015 $468.00 $334.00 108.3