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Plans of Management

The Crown Land Act 1989 provides for preparing plans of management for Crown reserves in consultation with the community. Defined principles of Crown land management underpin the management and use of Crown land.

Crown Reserve Plans of Management

Plans of management may be prepared for Crown reserves. These plans may be initiated by reserve Trusts, the Crown land or the Minister responsible for administering the Crown Land Act 1989.

Following preparation, a draft plan of management for a Crown reserve is placed on public exhibition for 28 days. Public comments are considered before the Minister adopts the plan.

These plans of management become regulatory instruments, which bind the Reserve Trust and can give statutory authority to other types of plans, such as conservation management plans for heritage components.

For more information or assistance refer to the Reserve Trust Handbook Chapter 5: Plans of management.

You may also access the following Plans of Management:

On Exhibit Draft Plans of Management that are currently on public exhibition. Community comments are invited.

Awaiting Adoption Draft Plans of Management awaiting adoption under the Crown Lands Act 1989.

Adopted Plans of Management that have been adopted.