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Access Arrangement for Prospecting on Crown land

Mining and exploration companies that have been granted an exploration licence will need to seek agreement in order to access Crown land to undertake exploration in accordance with Division 2, s138-158 of the Mining Act 1992 (Mining Act).

The Crown land (the Department) will enter into access arrangements with exploration licence holders when access to Crown land is required for prospecting purposes and the Department is the ‘landholder’(i.e. there is no tenure granted over the land and there is no appointed reserve trust manager). The Mining Act only provides for access arrangements between landholders and exploration licence holders. Accordingly, no access arrangements can be entered into where an exploration licence does not exist.

A fact sheet (PDF, 96.04 KB) has been developed to further assist exploration licence holders in their dealings with the Department.

There will be times where the Department is not the landholder (as defined in the Mining Act), but administers the land on behalf of the Crown and the NSW community. When this is the case, the Department will provide the exploration holder with the tenure holder or Reserve Trust details. It will then be up to the exploration licence holder to negotiate access arrangement with the identified landholder.

Information to support negotiations for land access arrangements for the purpose of exploration under s141of the Mining Act can be found on the NSW Department of Industry, Resources & Energy website.

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