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Redevelopment of Nelson Bay foreshore

Nelson Bay marina aerial photosThe proposed redevelopment of the Nelson Bay foreshore area is an example of the Government’s State Plan, which promises to provide economic and environmental outcomes for the people of NSW. Designed around key environmental principles of sustainability and resource efficiency, the redevelopment project aims to protect environmentally sensitive areas while encouraging tourism and economic investment in this regional economy.

Nelson Bay Foreshore Plan of Management (PDF 1.6 mb)

Some of the benefits of the project:

  • It will strengthen and conserve the natural attributes of the area by protecting sensitive beach embankments from storm water, public access and erosion, and by controlling noxious weeds and pests which could threaten the local ecosystem and biodiversity
  • It will be environmentally sustainable through the use of energy efficient lighting, water and rubbish recycling, and utilising a water efficient design
  • It will encourage local community members to utilise the area and boost the local economy
  • It will encourage tourism to the area and create local jobs
  • It will encourage public and private investment in the area for a sustainable regional economy