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Mesquite control program: noxious weed control

For the last two years Department of Primary Industries - Lands (the Department) has been implementing a jointly funded project with the Department of Primary Industries on western lands leases and other Crown lands in this area.

The aim of the project is to identify all known infestations of mesquite, a noxious weed known for its invasiveness and ecological, economic and social impacts, such as reduced pasture production, loss of biodiversity, land degradation and refuge for feral animals.

The mesquite project includes property inspections, reporting and mapping infestations and participating in other joint weeds projects with the Western and Lower Murray Darling Catchment Management Authorities.

The Department is also ensuring that affected landholders, trusts and licence holders are aware of this serious weed problem and all reasonable steps are taken to suppress and destroy infestations.

The project to date has also coordinated and implemented an inspection program that digitally maps the density and extent of mesquite infestations on Western Lands Leases and other Crown lands using ArcMap, a Geographic Information System (GIS) database and GPS coordinates.

The program has been running for two years. In the coming year the project will continue to concentrate on mapping mesquite infestations along with African boxthorn which has been found to be increasing along roadsides throughout the area.

Benefits of the project

  • Significant reduction in the incidence of mesquite in the target area leading to improvements in pasture production.
  • Reduction of habitat for feral animals.
  • Improvement of local biodiversity.
  • Involvement of local people in land management for the benefit of the community and biodiversity.
  • Achievement of better outcomes for native vegetation, biodiversity, land, rivers and waterways as per the NSW State Plan.