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Finalised Bloomfield assessment

A draft Land Assessment of 252 hectares of Crown land located at Bloomfield on the southern outskirts of Orange was exhibited for 28 days commencing on 10 April 2007.

Many submissions were received from both members of the community and statutory authorities. Submissions included relevant information that has now been incorporated into the final report.  As such, the final report differs somewhat from the draft assessment that was previously exhibited.

Management and future planning of the Crown parcel will now be a matter for the Department of Lands to undertake in keeping with the findings of this report. Through the departmental investigation, and submissions from a cross section of the community and public authorities, it is concluded that there are appropriate land uses of the Crown parcel that meet the “triple bottom-line” and the Principles of Crown Land Management. Current legislation and other State Government policies will influence the determination of future use.

The finalised Land Assessment report is available for inspection at the counter of the Department of Lands office, corner of Kite and Anson Streets in Orange, during normal business hours.

The final report may also be downloaded:
Bloomfield Final Assessment Report (PDF 3 mb)

Contact Officer: Louise Harcombe T: (02) 6391 4310 or Reception T: (02) 6391 4300