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National Surfing Reserves

A surfing reserve is a dedicated area that is protected for use by the general public and surfing community; and recognises sites of environmental, cultural and historic significance in Australian Surf Culture. This recognition helps raise awareness about the importance of protecting our precious coastal environment. To date, 24 sites along Australia's 37,000km coastline have been identified for dedication by the National Surfing Reserves (NSR) Organisation in partnership with the Crown land (the Department).

The Department has moved to legally reserve declared sites as Crown reserves for the public purpose of surfing recreation under the Crown Lands Act 1989.  This offers legal protection to a national surfing reserve and highlights the significance of the Crown estate in the surfing culture and Australian lifestyle.

The NSR recognises these sites and ensures that they remain protected for generations to come. This model is a first in recognising the iconic status surfing has achieved throughout the world.

In NSW there are now seven surfing reserves.

Angourie National Surfing Reserve

Angourie, on the NSW north coast near Yamba, was the first legally protected National Surfing Reserve in NSW. Angourie is legendary amongst the surfing community for its breaks and natural beauty.

Crescent Head National Surfing Reserve

Crescent Head National Surfing Reserve stretches along 3.5 km of spectacular coastline north of Port Macquarie. Crescent Head became a well worn trail for surfers following World War II and became widely recognised as a breeding ground for long board surfing in Australia.

Lennox National Surfing Reserve

Lennox National Surfing Reserve is just north of Ballina on the north coast and includes the world-famous Lennox Point. The breaks at Lennox have been surfed by thousands of men, women and children since the late 1950s when surfing gained popularity throughout NSW.

Cronulla Beaches National Surfing Reserve

Cronulla Beaches National Surfing Reserve was declared in September 2008 and is one of southern Sydneys premier surf spots. Cronulla is home to numerous former world champion surfers as well as other important figures in the development of Australian surfing.

Merewether Beaches National Surfing Reserve

Merewether Beaches National Surfing Reserve was declared in March 2009 and is one of Newcastle's iconic surfing beaches. The reserve stretches from Dixon Park in the north to Burwood Beach in the south, some two kilometres of spectacular coastline.

Killalea National Surfing Reserve

Killalea National Surfing Reserve was declared in June 2009 and covers "The Farm" and "Mystics" beaches within the Killalea State Park, near Shellharbour on the NSW south coast. The state park features 250 hectares of pristine coastal reserve with some of the best surfing beaches on the south coast.

North Narrabeen National Surfing Reserve

North Narrabeen National Surfing Reserve was declared in October 2009 and is a popular surfing beach on Sydney's northern coastline. The reserve covers 50 hectares of land and water along one kilometre of coastline taking in part of Narrabeen Lagoon which plays a role in the natural processes that make the surf breaks of the beach so unique.