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Licence opportunity at Whitton

Lot details

The Crown land is situated off  Stott Road, Whitton, being Lot 109 DP 751696 with an approximate area of 37.3ha in the Parish of Dallas, County of Cooper.

Interested parties may access the grazing opportunity information below:

Any person interested in this opportunity is invited to submit proposal by following the instructions contained in the information package.

Applications close: 23 March 2018 at 4:30 pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).

If you have any further enquiries, please contact:

Bec Byrne, Natural Resource Management Project Officer
Telephone: 02 6960 1343

This form is used to apply for a licence under the Crown Lands Act 1989. Note: All applications are considered on their own merits. A number of factors are considered prior to a determination being made on which method of allocation to use. No guarantee can be given as to the outcome of any application under the provisions of the Crown Lands Act 1989.

Read the standard terms and conditions.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

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Land management strategy

The details provided in this section of your application will determine the special conditions enforceable under the licence agreement. Please provide as much detailed information as possible.

1. How do you propose to use the Crown land? (including proposed purpose, particulars of any existing and/or proposed structures required to supplement use, if the land will be used in conjunction with adjoining land or as a ‘stand-alone’ parcel of land, and any other information in relation to the use of Crown Land)*

2. Please identify the type of stock, stocking rates and the grazing system (e.g. set stocking or rotational grazing) that you intend to apply to the land.*

3. Please identify any immediate management issues that you consider to be a priority for this parcel of land and how you propose to address these (e.g. weeds, soil degradation, firewood collection, feral animals, waste dumping or soil/gravel removal).*

4. Does the parcel of land have a creek/river (or any other ‘waterbody’)? If yes, please provide details and advise whether it is fenced off to exclude stock access? You may also wish to provide information on any additional actions you propose to take to protect riparian areas.*

5. Outline your experience in land management and how your knowledge and expertise will ensure ongoing appropriate management of the parcel of land.*

6. Please outline your Drought Management Strategy (i.e. how you intend to maintain acceptable groundcover during drought conditions e.g. de-stocking, restricted grazing, sale of stock, agistment and/or supplementary feeding).*

7. Please outline your Bushfire Hazard Reduction Plan (under the Rural Fires Act landholders are required to take the necessary steps to prevent the occurrence and spread of bush fires).*

8. Please describe the current fencing condition and your intended maintenance/replacement program (boundary fences are to contain stock and any maintenance/replacement requires negotiation with adjoining landholder).*

Please nominate the annual rental amount you propose (refer to the information package for further details).*

Please attach any files relevant to your application.

The information you provide in this form will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected.