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2017 Ministerials

02/12/2017   Bondi Beach dedicated as a National Surfing Reserve (PDF 115.5 KB)

30/11/2017   Interim report on Travelling Stock Reserves (PDF 105.2 KB)

22/11/2017   Crown land Community Engagement Strategy - Have your say (PDF 153.4 KB)

15/11/2017   Sydney Cemetery Capacity Survey released (PDF 124.8 KB)

16/10/2017   New Crown land Community Engagement Strategy (PDF 103.7 KB)

21/07/2017   Record 7.2 million pine seedlings dispatched from Blowering Nursery (PDF 103.9 KB)

06/07/2017   Land Negotiation Program steps up (PDF 116.3 KB)

13/06/2017   Not too late to have your say on TSRs (PDF 153.0 KB)

Have Your Say, TSRs

07/06/2017   $1.8 million for dredging at Lower Tweed and Terranora Inlet (PDF 116.2 KB)

05/06/2017   Delivering on commitment to extend Eden Breakwater Wharf (PDF 112.5 KB)

11/05/2017   NSW Government simplifies Crown land laws (PDF 128.8 KB)

27/04/2017   Have your say on TSRs (PDF 116.2 KB)

21/04/2017   Review of commons trust laws completed (PDF 113.2 KB)

12/04/2017   New coastal dredging strategy to improve waterway safety and access (PDF 100.2 KB)

New coastal dredging strategy to improve waterway safety and access. The NSW Government will invest an additional $8 million over four years to improve the accessibility and health of the State’s waterways.

09/04/2017   Historic Goulburn Cemetery Saved (PDF 100.0 KB)

HISTORIC GOULBURN CEMETERY SAVED. The NSW Government has stepped in to save the Forest Cemetery near Goulburn, allowing for the protection of around 40 historic graves.

20/02/2017   $15 Million available in public reserve funding (PDF 111.4 KB)

$15 Million available in public reserve funding NSW public reserves management fund

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2016 Ministerials

29/08/2016   New management for Wentworth Park public use to continue (PDF 99.7 KB)

27/01/2016   Historic deal puts surf clubs on solid ground (PDF 142.6 KB)

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2015 Ministerials

29/10/2015   Managing Crown Land: legislation to be introduced next year (PDF 104.2 KB)

18/06/2015   $480,000 clean up of Myall Creek gets underway (PDF 102.3 KB)

20/02/2015   Applications open next month for next round of public reserve funding (PDF 89.1 KB)

16/01/2015   Site investigations for $15 million Eden breakwater wharf extension underway (PDF 26.9 KB)

12/01/2015   Hastings Plan of Management adopted (PDF 26.8 KB)

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2014 Ministerials

04/12/2014   Coffs Harbour slipway to remain open (PDF 26.0 KB)

02/12/2014   NSW Government commits to restoring vital Tweed waterways (PDF 30.7 KB)

02/12/2014   NSW Government commits to restoring vital Brunswick Heads waterways (PDF 30.9 KB)

26/09/2014   Dredging of Swansea Channel gets underway (PDF 29.1 KB)

16/09/2014   $18 million in crown reserve funds on offer (PDF 148.4 KB)

10/09/2014   Future plan for Scotts Head Holiday Park adopted (PDF 91.9 KB)

08/09/2014   NSW Government commits to vital environmental and safety work at Maianbar (PDF 92.2 KB)

05/09/2014   New inland waters park website launched (PDF 91.2 KB)

11/08/2014   Last chance to have your say on future of Australia's most iconic precinct (PDF 155.2 KB)

23/07/2014   Tenders called for dredging Swansea channel (PDF 34.5 KB)

22/07/2014   Dredged Coffs Harbour improves boat access (PDF 36.1 KB)

18/07/2014   Solar energy plant to shine jobs and investment on Broken Hill (PDF 136.4 KB)

16/07/2014   Crown reserve funding coming to a showground near you (PDF 136.2 KB)

09/07/2014   Coonabarabran showground trust to return to community hands (PDF 134.6 KB)

18/06/2014   Lotus pavilion planned for Macquarie cemetery (PDF 85.9 KB)

05/06/2014   Time running out to have say on Crown lands review (PDF 79.1 KB)

05/03/2014   $560,000 Water treatment plant for Grabine State Park (PDF 98.4 KB)

04/03/2014   NSW Government commits $1.5 million to dredging (PDF 91.8 KB)

17/02/2014   Applications open for NSW Crown Reserve funding (PDF 49.0 KB)

06/02/2014   First round of funding on offer soon for NSW Crown Reserves (PDF 30.2 KB)

Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner said the NSW Government would soon launch the 2014/15 Public Reserves Management Fund, which is expected to offer at least $23 million to support maintenance, upgrade and repair works on public reserves across the State.

05/02/2014   Green light for football grounds at speers point park (PDF 46.6 KB)

Green light for football grounds at speers point park

05/02/2014   NSW Government's $2.5 million for swansea channel dredging (PDF 47.4 KB)

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2013 Ministerials

09/12/2013   Crown road closure requests go online (PDF 40.2 KB)

06/12/2013   NSW Governments $700,000 for showgrounds (PDF 49.0 KB)

06/12/2013   $810,000 for bushfire reduction statewide (PDF 45.5 KB)

05/12/2013   Woodsreef asbestos risk closes Mine Road (PDF 57.4 KB)

28/11/2013   $23.6 million in Crown reserves grants and loans (PDF 98.8 KB)

20/11/2013   Landmark cemetery reforms pass NSW Parliament (PDF 86.6 KB)

15/11/2013   More Choice on Burials (PDF 117.6 KB)

05/11/2013   New date for public update on Coffs Harbour Northern breakwater (PDF 37.4 KB)

01/11/2013   Public update of options to upgrade Coffs Harbour Northern breakwater (PDF 41.0 KB)

21/10/2013   Tenders Called For Dredging of Swansea Channel (PDF 48.5 KB)

17/10/2013   Common sense must prevail on Crown Land use (PDF 26.1 KB)

04/09/2013   Swansea Channel dredging get go ahead (PDF 91.0 KB)

30/08/2013   Tenders for harbour works on the South Coast (PDF 139.6 KB)

22/08/2013   Clarity over carbon farming in Western NSW (PDF 75.3 KB)

15/08/2013   Work starts on Coffs Eastern breakwater renewal (PDF 94.9 KB)

14/08/2013   Community panel to review Patonga Plan of Management (PDF 159.9 KB)

09/08/2013   Making Crown Lands road closures consultation easier (PDF 27.8 KB)

23/07/2013   Regional Achievment Awards entry closing soon (PDF 32.2 KB)

12/07/2013   Public comment needed on Tyalgum Reserve Plan (PDF 28.3 KB)

26/06/2013   New holiday parks trust (PDF 143.0 KB)

26/06/2013   Contract awarded for Coffs Harbour eastern breakwater (PDF 142.0 KB)

01/06/2013   Estuary Management Committee the future for Lake Illawarra (PDF 86.8 KB)

27/05/2013   NewTrust Board for Wingham Showground (PDF 101.8 KB)

19/05/2013   Deputy Premier Launch of Regional Achievement and Community Awards (PDF 34.5 KB)

09/05/2013   NSW Government commits to Myall River Dredging (PDF 89.7 KB)

08/05/2013   6,700 extra burial spaces for Rookwood (PDF 80.7 KB)

01/05/2013   Review of Lake Illawarra Authority delivered to NSW Government (PDF 82.2 KB)

23/04/2013   Crown Reserves Funding Deadline Approaching (PDF 37.4 KB)

21/03/2013   Funds on offer for Crown Reserves (PDF 85.9 KB)

01/03/2013   Draft Plan for Rookwood Cemetary released (PDF 30.4 KB)

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2012 Ministerials

17/12/2012   New plans for McKell Park and Darling Point Reserve go on show (PDF 97.2 KB)

New plans for McKell Park and Darling Point Reserve go on show

18/10/2012   Rec fishers consulted on road closures (PDF 79.4 KB)

30/05/2012   NSW Government adopts IPART review into rents for domestic waterfront tenancies (PDF 129.5 KB)

12/04/2012   Red Tape Removed From Perpetual Lease Conversions (PDF 215.7 KB)

11/01/2012   $2,700 for Cobargo Showground upgrade (PDF 44.6 KB)

11/01/2012   $60000 for Maitland Showground upgrade (PDF 218.9 KB)

11/01/2012   $4,680 for Bonalbo Showground upgrade (PDF 42.0 KB)

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