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Public Reserves Management Fund Program

Image of a NSW Crown reserve overlooking a dam

Program Overview

The Public Reserves Management Fund Program (PRMFP) provides financial support for the development, maintenance and improvement of public reserves. Grant and loan funding can be applied for through the PRMFP.

The PRMFP funds a diverse range of activities each year in the following categories:

  • General development, maintenance and protection activities on any eligible reserve.
  • Pest and weed projects on Crown land.

The PRMFP is a self-sustaining program that is supported by income generated from loan interest, leases and licences on Crown land.

Who can apply?

Managers of any NSW Crown reserve, as well as freehold showgrounds and schools of arts, may be eligible to apply for funding. Third party organisations can also apply for funding, but must obtain a letter of authority from the reserve manager supporting their application.

Funding opportunities

2017-18 Public Reserves Management Fund Program

The 2017-18 Public Reserves Management Fund Program (PRMFP) funding round is closed on 24 March 2017.

The outcomes were recently announced by The Hon Paul Toole MP, Minister for Lands and Forestry. Letters have been sent to the relevant Reserve Manager (RM) to advise whether applications made in respect to their reserve/s were successful. Please contact the PRMFP Team as below if you have not received your letter by Friday 8 September.

Offers of funding can be accepted or declined by the RM in one of two ways:

  1. Through the PRMFP menu of the web based Crown Reserves Reporting System (CRRS), or
  2. By submitting a completed “Advice of Acceptance of Grant” (Annexure B to the letter of offer).


If the original application was completed by a third party (e.g. user group) on behalf of the RM then the RM (only) must complete and submit Annexure B of the letter of offer. The RM will not be able to see the application online. Please refer to the "2017-18 Public Reserves Management Fund Program – Accept or Decline Instructions" below for further information.

PRMFP guidance documentation

Please note that guidance documentation has been updated from previous rounds. Please ensure that you review these documents prior to commencing an application.

PRMFP final project report template

PRMFP funded projects must be completed within 12 months of receiving the funding.

Reserve managers are required to submit a final report within 2 months of the project’s completion. Please download the latest report template (PDF, 82.36 KB).

PRMFP yearly reports

Reports which provide an overview of the Program and its achievements each financial year are available as follows.

Contact us

For general enquiries relating to the PRMFP please contact the team on 1300 886 235 (option 7) or We are here to help.


The PRMFP team appreciates your feedback to improve our program and the services we provide. Please complete a short survey on the 2017-18 PRMFP application process or the PRMFP Offer accept / decline process.

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