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Public Reserves Management Fund Program

Grant and loan funding can be applied for through the Public Reserves Management Fund Program (PRMFP). The PRMFP provides financial support for the development, maintenance and improvement of public reserves.

Managers of any NSW Crown reserve, as well as freehold showgrounds and schools of arts, may be eligible to apply for funding.

The PRMFP is a self-sustaining program that is supported by income generated from loan interest, leases and licences on Crown land.

Current funding opportunities


The 2016-17 PRMFP funding round has been finalised.

Reserve managers should receive a letter advising the outcome of any application affecting land under their control by 19 August 2016.

Third party applicants should contact the relevant reserve manager in the first instance to learn the outcome of their application/s.
2017-18 It is anticipated that the 2017-18 PRMFP funding round will open in the first quarter of 2017. Further advice information will be provided prior to the opening date.

PRMFP Procurement Guidelines

PRMFP funds are public money. When spending public money it is important that the procurement processes used are even handed, transparent, accountable and documented. The following document provides guidance on acceptable procurement practices.

PRMFP Final Project Report Template

PRMFP funded projects must be completed within 12 months of receiving the funding.

Reserve managers are required to submit a final report within 2 months of the project’s completion. Please [click here] to download the latest report template.

PRMFP Yearly Reports

Reports which provide an overview of the Program and its achievements each financial year are available as follows.

Contact us

For general enquiries relating to the PRMFP please contact the team on 1300 886 235 (option 7) or

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