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Annual Report 2006/2007

The Annual Report 2006-2007 is available in pdf or in limited hard copy supply by contacting T: 9236 7763.

Annual Report 2006-2007 complete document (PDF 14.5 mb)


Or select the section you wish to view:

Letter of submission and table of contents (PDF 233 kb)

Director General’s report (PDF 274 kb)

Who we are (PDF 363 kb)

Extended performance report (PDF 258 kb)

Financial summary (PDF 302 kb)

Corporate governance (PDF 839 kb)

Valuer General's report (PDF 494 kb)

Land and Property Information Division report (PDF 1.1 mb)

Crown Lands Division report (PDF 1 mb)

Soil Conservation Service Division report (PDF 729 kb)

Office of Rural Affairs report (PDF 537 kb)

Geographical Names Board report (PDF 399 kb)

Board of Surveying and Spatial Information report (PDF 339 kb)

Department of Lands Financial Statements (PDF 3.1 mb)

LPI Financial Statements (PDF 2.7 mb)

BOSSI Financial Statements (PDF 600 kb)

Appendices, Glossary, Index (PDF 711 kb) – this section contains information from the Department of Lands, the Geographical Names Board and the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information of New South Wales.

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